It's Your Fault



This song goes out to all the people who fucked me up inside. All the shallow, narrow-minded, superfical assholes that sit around in their little groups talkin' shit about me, all the bullies that beat me up, all of the so-called friends that betrayed my trust, all the s***s

Verse 1

Ayo, I am an alcoholic

And a depressed loser

I do get drunk, drugged up

And fucked up by Julia

I do depend on alcohol, and I'm a drugs abuser

I would fuck the next s*** that comes up and asks me to screw her

I would be a normal person

If only I had a bit of sanity

Instead I walk around cursin'

Pissed off cos my dad ran away

I can't even trust my own family

Not only that, I'm paranoid

I'm sick enough to smack a deaf kid

Over the head with a fucking hearing aid

All I feel is pain, so y'all don't wanna mess with me

I ain't afraid of takin' us both out

This song goes out to all my enemies


Cause it's your fault I live this way

And it's your fault I feel this pain

It's your fault things'll never change

The only solution's blowing out your fucking brains

Yeah it's your fault I feel this way

And it's your fault I feel this hate

It's your fault things stay the same

I can't restrain from blowing out your fucking brains!

Verse 2

These bitches say that I'm a junky

But still they wanna fuck me

A lyricist that doesn't give a shit

Even the faggits wanna bum me

Imma leave you in a casket

Wrapped up like a mummy

They used to make fun of me

Now look who's the wannabe

Yeah, they used to make fun of me

Now look who's the wannabe!

Chorus x2

It's your fault!
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It's Your Fault Lyrics

Manic Rage – It's Your Fault Lyrics

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