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Better Man Lyrics

Manic Drive – Better Man Lyrics

You're watching down on me
While she's gone
Does this make me a better man
With this loss?
You see the pain I hide
While you say you love
Can I be that better man
That I once was?

You know my patient heart
You watch me bleed
Does this make me a better man
When it's too dark to see?
With my own bare hands
What have I done?
I've killed that better man
And he was still so young
I'm sorry

One Question
Cause I really got to know
It's not my trust
It's the fact that I'm alone
One Question
That's been on my mind
Who's this heart for?
One Question
And the reason why I hide
I shouldn't live out
If I'm wondering why
One Question
That I need to ask
Who's this heart for?

Comes with time
Too much and this better man
Gets left behind
Can you press reset?
Can you rewind?
Can you heal this better man?
Can you give him life?
I'm sorry
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