Remember, George
Order, design, attension, balance, harmony

Sunday, by the blue, purple, yellow, red water
On the green, purple, yellow, red grass
Let us pass through our perfect park
Pausing on a Sunday

By the cool, blue, triangular water
On the soft, green, elliptical grass
As we pass through arrangements of shadows
Towards the verticals of trees, forever

By the blue, purple, yellow, red water
On the green, orange, violet mass of the grass
In our perfect park, made of flecks of light
And dark and parasols

People strolling through the trees
Of a small suburban park
On an island in the river
On an ordinary Sunday
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

White, a blank page or canvas
His favorite, so many possibilities
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Sunday Lyrics

Mandy Patinkin – Sunday Lyrics

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