(Writers K. Fleming / D.W. Morgan)
How many days...
How many ways...
Do I have to lose you
'Til you're gone?
How many nights...
How many lonely nights...
Do I have to lose you darlin'
'Til you're gone?
Bridge 1:
It happens every time
I think I'm gettin' over you
Something 'bout somebody new
Gets me thinkin' about you
How many times...
How many times...
Do I have to lose you
'Til you're gone?
Bridge 2:
I see you on the Late Show
I hear you on the radio
Darlin' everywhere I go
Your memory is there
Repeat Chorus:
(How many times?) I wanna know.....
(How many times?) Do I have to lose you Darlin'... 'til you're gone?
(How many times?) How many days.....how many nights.....'til you're gone?
(How many times?) I wanna know......
(How many times?) I wanna know Darlin'.......
(Country #1 / Chart debut 5/1/82 / 1982 MCA Records, Inc.)
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'til You're Gone Lyrics

Mandrell Barbara – 'til You're Gone Lyrics