Dazed and hypnotized, oh my vision is a rapture wading in the floral tides,
Well Her hands they’ve got me mesmerized
And when she sings to me, the stars collide in my nocturnal mind

Drink one more from the grail, feel the haze of your ever hexing words,
Never heard,

Breath in the warmth, leave your burden in the cold
Fall into the water, follow me, follow me into the fathoms of light

Drink one more from the grail, we’ll forget
We’re supposed to be at war with one another for the world
Cut right through that devil’s veil, leaving hell, for a destiny

Into a dream that never dies, and I know, love is the sum of all our lives
Raise your hands to the kingdom, each one of a heartless rage
Raise your hands to the kingdom, be rid of them

Holy movements, holy movements, in her arms, woah oh
Holy movements, holy movements in her heart beat,
Holding on to hollow living and heavens hand
Take a breath and let it go, we’ll never come back home to the darkness,
Where light is divided and cast into the song of oblivion, the death of all
We love
Believe in the right, to live in the Eden, she wears in the light of her
The woman king revives the daughters
Of a hundred broken nights
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Mandorid Echostar – Matoax Lyrics

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