The eyes, they can not fear me
The voice just passes me by
As far as I can see
The only thing I fear is the sigh

The sigh of endless weariness
It fills the room with air
A smell of rotten lungs
And badly groomed long hair

Together they form a vortex
Turning loose the brains in my head
The sigh predicts the changing hour
The hour of the Evil Dead
I wish I'd never opened up the door
The door of fear
It's too late to flee now
The ripping claws are near

I try to hold my breath
But then the smell reaches my lungs
I feel disgusting fluid
Acid touches my tongue
I faint and fall to the ground
Prepare myself for dying
The pressure on my body
Forces me to act of lying

Why did you disturb us from our sleep
I didn't mean to wake you this way
Try to understand we lain here to creep
I know but I am born to obey
Why didn't you let our bodies sleep
Curious as I am I will stay
Why can't you let us lie in the deep
I tried but I am sent here to pay
Why did you disturb us from our sleep
I never meant to wake you today

Long ago I felt the urge of returning
Curiosity inside my heart was burning
I don't think my nerves can stand this again
The Evil Dead now it's a warning
No I don't think my body can stand this again
The Evil Dead surely it's a warning

And the legend stays...
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Evil Dead Lyrics

Mandator – Evil Dead Lyrics