Walkin down the street
Tryin to get my guy,
Out the way
And look at the man
That came round
Hope he's not as stupid
As what I've found

He's so fine
And hot
Probably has a girl
I hope not
My man would go
For good
Maybe ask him out
I should.

So I said...

Who is that guy?
Walkin by,
Looking so fly?
Wanna know your name
And play that game,
Of love with you.
Mine you would be
And you'll see
I can guarantee
We'd be in love
Like 2 little doves
Just you and me.

I'll give you 50 dollars
Or more
To get him in my limo
For sure
Take him for a ride
Through town
Drive until my car
Breaks down

That's the way I like it
You see
Cuz you're as handsome
As can be
Think it might be crazy
But I
Know that your
My kind of guy


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Who Is That Guy? Lyrics

Manda – Who Is That Guy? Lyrics