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Xela Lyrics

Manchester Orchestra – Xela Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I slowly start to bow out
I hold your fire and bow down
For a different point of view
Through a window we were filed out
In a dream or in a black out
While he paints across the room

And I stand up
I'm arguing but I can’t find the truth
I'm trying to reconcile the pain you grew
Are you broken?

[Verse 2]
Are you trying to stay happy?
Where do you go when you're napping?
I am lost and so are you
Are you sad or are you sinking?
You depressed? Have you been drinking?
Form the pulpit and the pew

You stand up
Don’t be ashamed to admit what it did to you
There's a treason tied up tightly in the noose
So don't give up
Well, tell me, who here wins? What does it prove?
Take my kingdom for a chance to cut you loose
Are you broken?

A disruption in the garden
Well, it had nothing to do with me
There was blood in the apartment
Baby, call the police
I'm not trying to forget who you are
I'm not trying to forget who you are
Sayin' please
Give up

The shadow of my selfish point of view
So take my time, I'll trade you through and through
Now I wake up
What can I pray for a world coming undone?
You can only regret what you did, not what's left to be done
’Cause it’s spoken
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