We gon Just
We Gon Just


Shoot it like a pro
The pitch is filled with rows
Hoes queue it up all set in ready for the Show
Ringmasters got their bow we gon ride some hoes
Got it flow like the ladies call us the sons of dough


Mamiboys all set for the time to party
From St louis some say Paris
Just Quit the talkin and lets hit the makin
Ride all night till morning
We do the huggin the kissin
Girls from club go missin
Dissing and feelin
The mami's go fizzin
But ma clicks are enthuasist
If ya ask me they just spin that magic
Likewise we gon do that shit
Ma brews have named it renamed it to be just shoot it

Repeat Hook


Welcome Mami's we say to the world of shoot it
J.C.D 306 tricks just to beat it
Act it with our keys fit it in twirk it in got the
Stick bend it in
You like it, I know you want it
Acting out to be shy mami leave it by the side
Just be gentle treat it like a child so do the ride
Lets keep the Kite
Flying up the sky
Pull it back Push it in
Trust me It gon just reach high

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Shoot Lyrics

Mamiboys – Shoot Lyrics