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Hot Girls Lyrics

Mally Mall – Hot Girls Lyrics

I'm the biggest rapper in my city
No stories
I swear a broke bitch can't do shit for me
But if she got the whole world in her pants
Then it's Boy Meets World, call me Cory
We up in this bitch
Tell a hater get dozed
Run it through the Brent, like I'm tryna make toast
Baby, I'm a player, most players came close
To these first class flights
Cause I'm not a good coach
Whipping in the 'burbs, but not in the hood, though
Burning rubber, I be gassing, call me Suzie Side-Show
Round with my main thang with some low key shit
G-ing with the move
Then it's beasting, beasting
Oh, he's gotta keep something decent, on me
Oh, he's round up with the homies
And what you mean 'here is turn up time! '
You ain't fucking with the game
Don't come outside

(Hook 2x)
This for the hot girls
Go ahead, hit up, don't stop, girl! What?
Make it hot, don't stop, girl!

Coke boys, doing our thang
Rock King, Mac-D with the roll chain
In the game, niggas from the south line
Let the niggas lease, I'mma buy mine
It ain't how it falls, how it bounce back
Shawty, bend it over, got it bounce back
Fuck boys coming from my head hunt
Picked up way before the deal done
Got a main bitch on the side hole
Fly down, hey, dipping pot holes
Pimping like nigga from Oakland
Getting blood money with niggas tat be loco

(Hook 2x)

If you fucking with a nigga, let me hold smth
But when I'm done, you gotta put yo' clothes on
And try to leave, they try to put the pole on
Tell that hoe to burn it up, get your hole on
Jumping on these hoes for the fowl line
Taking off like a rocket, money yawl high
All my niggas grubbing when it's chow time
All this pepper and these pills, I'm on cloud nine
Shivy shaker like a crap table
Shivy growing numbers like a c*ck layer(?)
Said she only want a dope dealer
Then I guess she want them boys with the coke litter

(Hook 2x)
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