Assafetida is burning all around
The reflection of light on the dark plate
AE' - Ossul - Salion

Silence generates subterrean fields
In Darkness solitude attracts the light
The Hexagram is burning!

I call...
The guardians of the North
The guardians of the East
The guardians of the South
The guardians of the West
And the guardians of high and low
This place becomes sacred
Ancient Gods appear to me!
Thundering is the fifth Enochian key!
Fork-like flames ripped the clouds
The earth moaned
As bitter as the cawing of dying corvus
Shrill, frightening noises
Reaching strident peaks
Beyond human hearing

Dark Saturnian Chaos
Corruption that generates light
Dark Saturnian Chaos
Nigredo essence - burning frost
Dark Saturnian Chaos
Fiery-icy wind of the desert
Dark Lord of Chaos
Humid athanor, Ossul is surrounding us
Dark Saturnian Chaos
Forced are the dams of the celestial ocean
Dark Saturnian Chaos
We receive the gifts from the lord of Death
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Dark Saturnian Chaos Lyrics

Malfeitor – Dark Saturnian Chaos Lyrics