Lucifer, Lucifer tell me who I am
Am I a son or someone else?
I can slightly remember the night my mother gave birth
The sky became red and started bleeding on the earth

Built a world of my own
No one gets in my zone
Open doors and I'll fantasize

I sold my fuckin' soul to the Devil
But the Devil lives inside of me

I Walk Alone (x6)

Human race, human race show me how to play
Is this a game or is this something else?

Maybe you got a house
Maybe you got some cars
Maybe you hang with stars
Maybe I don't give a fuck

Maybe you got some guns
Maybe you hang with thugs
Maybe you're sellin' drugs
Maybe I don't give a fuck

I'll get to see trought your mentality
Bring you to my reality
Push your principles back
And feed you to my vanity

I Walk Alone (x6)

Broken heart, broken heart show me how to trust
Is it a trap or is it something else?

You live it up, I live it down
You take the Queen, I take the crown
Can't stand this shit, just close your eyes

I'll filter all your words
And turn them into presents
And I'll ask your emptiness
To fill you with attraction

I Walk Alone (x12)
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Walk Alone Lyrics

Maldito – Walk Alone Lyrics

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