Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera kepada semua rakyat Malaysia!!
Actually, this directory is intended to accept any incoming files
From anybody who wishes to contribute something. Every person who wishes to
Put something here is welcomed to do so; just use the 'put' command and rename
The file with a word or sentence common to all Malaysians. The Internet
System and Internet Relay Chat (Irc) have made possible for us Malaysians to
Interact with each other and there might be some other ways which make use
Of electronic communication networks. Files in the ftp directories are free
To anyone; just as anybody should be free to put something here. Wishing you
All the best, having your hard time in colleges!! :)
Jaa@ucs. Indiana. Edu.
Jun 3 1993.
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Satu Untuk Semua Lyrics

Malaysia – Satu Untuk Semua Lyrics