I gotta work for mine
Stay independent as long as God allows
I do my things just for me
Not looking to be accepted by somebody else

Keep it right, keep it tight
On my own, I don't need your help
I have everything I need
There's nothing you can give
Alone I do quite well

But I guess at times I wish I had someone to see my
Silhoutte... In the moonlight...
He, the one I want, still searchin for the temple he aint found yet

I've got my whole life ahead
But nowadays that's not really a long time
Was searching for him everywhere
But used all my lifelines
I just wanna say b4 my time
That I knew what real love was like
Tho I feel no man is worth mine
Still wanna give it a try. Then I think

Do I really need this headache from a guy?
But sometimes it's gets really cold on my other side

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Silhouette In The Moonlight Lyrics

Mal V Moo – Silhouette In The Moonlight Lyrics