Master Makesboy all the way back home rhyming lyk a star
Rhyming in de rhyme star killing all ma enemies and say rest in peace
Mathafucka u close ur mouth and let ur ass talk
Makesboy is eating and what u haterz do is to add salt
When I die burry me 6feet undaground in a white coffin with 15 million brown bags of cash
Yeah I'm talking cash diamonds moving on ma chest
I can do ma best but I need a couple dance
Now I give it to ma friend

Master Touch all the way back home rhyming lyk astar
Pusy, money, bitch
Everytym in a hot swimming in a beach
Even when ma galfriend cries deep to ma heart feeling
I give her a good smiling then she smiles back
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Fastlane Lyrics

Makesboy & Yeezy Touch – Fastlane Lyrics

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