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Adam's Song Lyrics

Make Up Your Mind – Adam's Song Lyrics

Adam, where are you goin' to?
What's the hurry for you ain't runnin' out of time?
Adam why are you sneakin' out alone?
Are you comin' back or stay away for good?

Adam where are you runnin' from?
You're not breakin' up with Eve are you so what is on your mind?
Playing hide and seek won't get you very far.
When He is there always watchin' over everything he loves.

He tried to run he tried to hide,
From what is like losing a fight.
He's just a chicken failed to escape,
He's taking runways that are fake.
How this would end was up to you,
You took the wrong way shame on you.
You took the apple from a snake,
Tricked by your woman, big mistake!

He could resist what was offered him.
But the urge to rule was stronger than the reason in his mind.
Later on he did regret and what he did was hide.
From Someone who's always there and never lost him out of sight.
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