So this is what it's like?
I fell in love tonight.
No worries and no fears, I don't wanna see your tears
Hold on tight my dear, you hate the way I steer,
Let me make it clear, you know our end is near.

No more pain my dear.

So you think I'm wrong? I lied all along?
I've loved you so long, that's why I wrote this song.
As my heart turns black, my lungs fade blue.
And to think, all I wanted was to be with you.

No more pain my dear.

Fuck it, you lied, so long, I tried.
You're the one who plays scared all because you always lied.
You always lied to me.
You always lied x2
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S.E.P.I.Z.A. Lyrics

Make Me Alive – S.E.P.I.Z.A. Lyrics