A journey through damnation.
It grows within me, breathes within me.
A dark plague which has risen in my mind.
Nothingness, emptiness and total desolation.
The pain grows day by day.
My mind screams for silence
"unleash the pain, set it free and let your life be shallowed by the eternal darkness.
Join us in our common solitude" it whispers to me.
"And we will conquer our inner demons" deep, deep within it is, and it is waiting in a never-ending nap
Blood, so rare, so unique in the right surroundings.
It flows so uniquely down the sides of the tub
A beautiful sight in the eyes of the beholder.
Of me.
Nothing was ever more pure than this
The pain within rises as the darkness embraces me.
"It had to be done. And so it was", yes so it was
The eternal darkness sets me free and unleashes my inner demon.
Life revisited in my true form
Set your mind free, set it free and join me in an early death
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Life Revisited Lyrics

Make A Change... Kill Yourself – Life Revisited Lyrics

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