Dreams will come true,
If you try,
You will fly
There's always something good
Around a corner,
I used to think
That was a lie.

And you may think this is the end,
You'll never make another friend,
But you're wrong...

I gotta be the
Happiest girl in the world right now,
I thought my friend had let me down
But she didn't,
Oh no she didn't,
Now I am the winning girl,
The one filled with glee,
My eyes have adjusted,
Now I can see
That I really must be
The happiest girl in the world.

[Verse 2:]
Love will happen,
If you believe,
You will achieve,
There's always someone there
Who loves you
More than you could conceive,

And you may think this is some junk,
You'll say "What-ev, that girl's a punk",
But you're wrong,


Gotta be that happy girl,
Hidden somewhere in this world,
Loving something more than
Anyone could imagine...


Gotta be the...

Happiest girl in the world!
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Happiest Girl In The World Lyrics

Mairzy – Happiest Girl In The World Lyrics