I've been to many places
Then seen many tears
I've seen so many faces
Turn away in fear
For they knew I had come
To steal their years
Ah, world of beauty so rich in life
Well, you couldn't know that death is my wife

Ah, planet of mirth, and it is so sweet
Well, didn't you see I too must eat

Sometimes you may think I'm just
Well, I'm just waitin' for the darkness
To seep in
World of wonder and heavenly grace
Well, don't you see that you can't hide your face

Well, time will pass on and on away
But I know I'll always have my way

Well, I just wanna' pick you
So much to keep
But if you recognize my goal
Then weep
And if sometime you feel you're tired
Then sleep
Ah, you'll sleep so deep
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IV... (The Emperor) Lyrics

Mahogany Rush – IV... (The Emperor) Lyrics