You can tell by the red in my eyes I fly high. Aint no tellin' how many test tube strains I might try. Raise-up, blaze-up
Put ya fix in the sky. Narcotic cocktail in my blood until I die - takin' the edge off daily, and it's a blessin', from fresh
Cut christmas tree tops ta resin - it's fo you, it's fo me, it's 420 Maha Timeline & George in the back countin' money.Blow

Smoke wit old folk and laugh at um', cause they can't keep up with the intense session we havin'. Wonderous after a thunderous

Hit of dro, greyhound bus bathroom blowin my smoke up out that little hole. Ah damn Shys-T on the roof, patrone in both hands

In his birthday suit. (Person 1): "He fixin ta blow" (Person 2): "Aww shit he might go" - only way I'm commin' down is

Lookout below.

HOOK: (George Galindo)
I don't wanna come back down, it's got me - on a ride - I'm so high.
Cause I don't wanna come back down, You can tell by the red in my eyes.
Cause I don't wanna come back down, & now I'm standin' outside of the store the hommie tellin' me ta grab it lets go man.
I don't wanna come back down, but I know I'm loaded fo sho, can't stop myself from staggerin' back n' forth man.

Verse 2: (Maharaji)
Up up & away that's where I stay, numb dumb off that evergreen for me it's the only way. Me and Lindsey Lohan, in a broham,
Pushin weight from raineer ta rosecrans. Drip sweat, pound chest like king-kong munchies settle in it's ampm for a
Ding-dong. I slip a mickey in my own Mickey's ice, not once but twice clear papered with mango spice. Last drop in my last
Flask - fuck it, I'm on my ass from the gas mask - puffit. Outtasite brought the perculation, blaze one 'J' for Mcail and the
Nation. Put it on the table & I'll do it, top notch tolerance dude I thought you knew it. When I'm on high got stunts like
Steve-o, when I'm on low got whippets like devo.


Verse 2: (Outtasite)
In need of liquidation check the flush pigment, with this strain the discount price is just figment, in this range ya miss
Out twice ya just ignant, the dischange will switch out nice but this intent - the new age. Detox fa 22 days, still be
Skatin' the trail of dirty U.A.'s hey. I think I'm on my way to reunion, cause I done burnt one in every state of the union.
Choppin' up chunks then baggin the spread, I'm old school mayne dankin' since Regan was pres. Yes you can tell ya faded at
Best, when ya so high ya can't recall ya latest address. I'd let ya in the circle but I'm affraid it's a mess, so Imma take a

Pull then then lay this ta rest. Man this high grade is the test, bout a half an hour hiaouds till next - don't wanna come


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Come Back Down Lyrics

Maharaji & Shys-T – Come Back Down Lyrics

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