If you're lonely
I can make it right
I'm always thinking of you
When it's late at night
If you want me
I'll be there for you to call
To let me show you
I can give you it all
If you need a little bit of something
Call me up and I'll give you my lovin'
Oh you know I'll give you the one thinglove
If you think it's real late at night, yeah
Babe I'm always here to satisfy
I'll be waiting for you with all my love
I will come to youand I'll bring
A little bit of something
When you're sleeping
You can dream of me
Just imagine baby
All you want me to be
When you want me
I'll be waiting just for you
So come and see me
Make my dreams come true
You see I'm talking about a relationship that's hard to find
And I'm thinking about your body and it's blowing my mind
Alone in my room, me and you in a dream
If we could only get it together we'd be the perfect team
Can't you see that all I want is just one chance
And I guarantee that I can show you true romance
Picture it, you could be the queen and I could be the king
If you'd only let me give you just a little bit of something
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A Little Bit Of Something Lyrics

Magnets – A Little Bit Of Something Lyrics