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Welcome To The Mob Lyrics

Mafia – Welcome To The Mob Lyrics

Welcome to the mob

Welcome to the mob, my enemies in a mob
Pussy ass rappers a-smackin' makin' I'm robbed
Two big guns and me, that's a mйnage
Put it to his head, I'mma squeeze you say Allah
Call me what you want but you can't call me ministry
Bentley on the strip then diamonds in my roserie
Real, recognized, alive niggas heard of me
Broad daylight no man, they gonna know it's me
Been a thug since 54 levets
When you push your act, poop through the hood, you was a legend
Bullets travel like e-mails, you get the message
Bow down, niggas is lames in my presence
Hundred D-Ball, black suited up
Arrive through the block ran slow as shifted up

Your crime scene just got bloody
PUSH! in the building, dirty money getting muddy
Heard you block bubblin' I'm here to get ya sodium
Make sure you got that money, I have all your double monkey's up
Puddle up, nigga this is genocide
I'm killin' all you niggas in weeks in the ride
More karate, I'll body a nigga
Bang bang it's that black flag mafia nigga
Bitch draps, big racks, won't lie to you nigga
Got you baby mama flyin' me to lapua nigga
To make it this far in the costumes in pot schools
I'm responsible, puttin' cocaine in nostrils
Straight blow jobs, lot of bitch niggas
Killers walk the junction without gettin' their coke charged
Now they sleep, just a line on songs
Me and these weak niggas never get along
You ain't Diggy, I ain't J Cole
But I back flack kitties with semi scrill and give it to your face wrong

The mafia (what! ) The mafia (what! )
The mafia (what! ) The mafia (come on! )
The mafia (what! ) The mafia (what! )
The mafia (what! ) The mafia (come on! )

Man I hope you ain't seen confident bitch
Cuz I be bustin' off for the lips
Have the stuff in my bricks
You ain't her? I'm the one that's callin' the shots
Mob style, leave a nigga with a shane in his watch
It's the mafia, La Familia and el hefe
Bang gang, anywhere gang, make them respect me
Feds ridin' on my tail, they gotta catch me
And I'mma ball out of control 'til they can get me
Yea, hustle hard Mouse, you know what it is
Hundred bottles in the club, hundred stacks on the wrist
Top of the line everything, even my bitch
She's fast, fuck around and give a nigga the clip
Yea, still mashin', hop up and new assin'
Right down notion in gates, down saggin'
Certified G, dead nigga pop off
I ain't gonna play, I'll blow your fuckin' top off

If not, play if you wanna
The mafia, we dead in the summer
Say my name and I'll pop up like candy man
Hand man hand like panty man
Fuck with my family, man fuck with us
Brothers that make movies
Turn reality star bitches to groupies
We about that life, how 'bout the hoop
Smack a rat nigga out this coop
If you don't know luck you out of the loop
You sick nigga on soup
Backed up to better, I make a nigga act better
I'm hot, at summer time I'm that weather
Forget they face, they all pissed
Cuz when the mafia in the buildin'
These other moments they doesn't exist
We them niggas

The mafia (what! ) The mafia (what! )
The mafia (what! ) The mafia (come on! )
The mafia (what! ) The mafia (what! )
The mafia (what! ) The mafia (come on! )

Certified gangster, wink bank, getting paper
Walk through any hood, any block after shay shops
Say I'm the next up still don't give a fuck what
Still ridin' dirty with the fifth in the shotgun
Niggas still local, me I'm international
Fresh off tall, still quick to blast for you
Man I'm so raw and I ain't talkin' blood bitch
Stay alone at corner with the cluse, out here thuggin'
Bitches love the lope, say I smell good, I look good
Bitch, this the mafia, mob out in your hood
Homie it's the war, all blacks glad to shoot you up
No for spazzing out, call my own girl to prop you up
Quite funny, you pussy niggas comical
Enough with war tactics, stop you wild while they washin' you
Move quite different, something's been missin'
Through you in the trunk for you rat niggas snitchin'
Mafia some ties, bang bang anything
I be talkin' 'bout all the things, bring the lanes out
In the tank, that's the coop, no ching
Yellow gold, wrist wear again get ugly were the rings
Boom bye bye niggas, this is life niggas
Double H type, my fly niggas
Hit the tape, the hook for a game
Let's do it, watch the game, on the couch with his brains
Output, getting money that's on the low though
Toss the weight paid for it great at Tony Romo
All my niggas high laid eyes on Yoko Ono
Fuck how niggas wanted, I did it just for the promo

The mafia (what! ) The mafia (what! )
The mafia (what! ) The mafia (come on! )
The mafia (what! ) The mafia (what! )
The mafia (what! ) The mafia (yea yea)
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