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Last Call Lyrics

Mae – Last Call Lyrics

from album: Destination: Beautiful (2003)
Grab your bag and let's go
We're out of place more than anything I know
Like an opera at a disco when all you wanted was a rock show
These lights, are they hanging in the distance?
Did they glimmer for an instant?
When they're shining, do you feel alright?
Know, Love, you are looking good tonight

This is the last call
Too long to list it
Please, don't you miss it
Don't give up a let them hold you down when they tell you no
We could burn this town

Waking from a bad dream
Don't think anything is what it seems
Can't you figure out what this means?
Don't sit back and keep your hands clean today
We'll say maybe we can find a new way
Or create another great cliché
Storms are coming, why don't we play?
Instead of sitting, dancing in the rain


So long
They tried to tell you that you don't belong
So, I guess we'll have to prove them wrong
Pretty soon we'll hear them sing along
Ain't it funny that it's our song?
So long


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