I live my life like a masochist
Hearing my father say "told you so, told you so"
Why can't you be like the other girls
I said, oh no, that's not me
And I don't think that it'll ever me
Thought I'd belong to a different tribe
Walking alone, never satisfied, satisfied
Tried to fit in, but it wasn't me
I said, oh no, I don't want it more
That's not what I'm looking for

So I took the road-less
And I barely made it out alive
Through the darkness somehow I survived
Deep down in the dust of my rebel heart

I’ve spent some time as a narcissist
Hearing the others say “Look at you, look at you! ”
Trying to be so provocative
I said “Oh yeah, that was me! ”
All of the things I did, just to be seen
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Rebel Heart Lyrics

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Madonna – Rebel Heart Lyrics

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