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Need Dat Pack Lyrics

MadeinTYO – Need Dat Pack Lyrics

[Verse 1]
L.A. with two freaks, they wanna tongue me
Smoking dumb boy kush in a Humvee
Yeah she too fine, yeah she so fine
Finally geeked up, you know I'm out my mind
How you get them hoes with no racks now?
Cali for three months, I got the pack now
Polo with the Gucci, I'm too piped up
Been the underdog, now they really like us
Talk down on the squad, I got my racks up
Talk down on my squad, I got my racks up
Got more cheese than a Philly steak
Get it to the money, this ain't no mistake

I need that pack [x8]
She got that pack [x8]
I need that pack [x8]
She got that pack [x8]

[Verse 2]
All day counting, boolin' with my hoes now
Shoutout to my Gs and my Zoes now
You ain't smoking big, you need four pounds
Used to be reckless, I done slowed down
Stussy with the Bape, overseas eating crepes
Trynna get the YSL, with the Louis' on my face
Need that car service now, I don't got time to waste
He ain't pressure, tell yo baby daddy he a fucking lame
Listen to that Richard Rizzy, I ain't never been insane
Tell them pion niggas they can stay up in they lane
Calvin Klein drawers on, and you niggas rocking Hane
Just Supreme with The North Face, Tokyo in rain

Niggas get wiped up if they acting like a stain
Bapestas, first class, leg room, I'm on a plane [x2]

I need that pack [x8]
She got that pack [x8]
I need that pack [x8]
She got that pack [x8]
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