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Fame Lyrics

MadeinTYO – Fame Lyrics

[Intro: MadeinTYO]
I won't let the fame change me
You know I'm on the road now
I miss you in every state girl
I can't let go now

[Hook: MadeinTYO]
But I won't let the fame change me
Man, I won't sell my soul now
But I won't let the fame change me
Baby I can't sell my soul now

[Verse 1: MadeinTYO]
I'm thinking 'bout signin'
I want my shit to go Diamond
Baby I know my shit fire, your shit fire
When I get back home, I wanna eat it like pie
Baby put it on a plate
It's been 5 months baby, you ain't even been on no dates
And she tuggin' on my zipper
Phone ringin' fuck it, we don't even pick up
Missed calls in the morning, room service hear the moanin'

[Bridge: MadeinTYO]
Breakfast in bed, blunts on me, know I've been fed
Foreign my head, Backwoods my weed
Know its OG, you know that my plug fuckin' with me

[Hook: x2]
I'll never let the fame change me
I'll never fucking sell my soul now

[Bridge: MadeinTYO]

Skr skr

[Verse 2: 070 Shake]
Hyundai, we go fiscal, everybody know it
Lonely, if you ain't on the boat then nigga I'm gon' row it
And she don't really like when we lie, baby you ain't gotta try to ask why, I am sinning
And she just wanna fight every night, baby why?
It's the high, it's the life that we livin'
Soak it in now we trippin' yeah
And you ain't gotta try to justify why it's fine, you're just mine
When I sign I'll forgive you
And I ain't stressed, I ain't stressed
All these trees, what a mess
I just care less and less, I am blessed

[Outro: MadeinTYO]
And if I let the fame change me
Take a hit, do not ask how
And you know that's only cus you made me
Take a hint cus I can't be low now
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