Am i crazy?
There are voices in my head
And i can't stop them, Im talking to myself
These conversations get me so mixed up
Even though i trust you they tell me doubt doubt doubt

Is it in my head

Is it in me head or am i falling down a hill
Gaining momentum
Towards the crash at the bottom
Where i began

Late night phone calls
Your voice seems unconcerned
I'm pulling my hair out
One for every word
Is it all imagination
I can only wish
Wouldn't be the first time that i've been so confused

Is it in my head?


Time keeps counting down on me
Or is it just a dream

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In My Head Lyrics

Madcap – In My Head Lyrics

Songwriters: Jacob Margolis, John Mastantuono, Jordan Johnson, Lee Lebaigue
In My Head lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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