This is what Mack's Jannequin does on a Saturday Night,
We watch the Phillies and we eat hot wings!

Hot wings! (x7)
Hot wings rock!

This is how Mack's Jannequin gets down on a Saturday Night,
This is how Mack's Jannequin rocks out with our cocks out!

Cocks out! (x7)
Cocks out rock!

We are Mack's Jannequin, and we'll be here till Tuesday,
(Hot wings, hot wings, hot wings, chicka chicka)
Appreciate what you're listening to, this is our first single...
(Cocks out, cocks out, cocks out, hot wings, cocks out, chicka chicka)

Cocks out!
Hot wings!
Cocks out!
Cocks out!
Hot wings!
Mack's Jannequin!
Hot wings!
Cocks out!
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Hot Wingz Lyrics

Mack's Jannequin – Hot Wingz Lyrics

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