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Elissa Steamer Lyrics

Mackned – Elissa Steamer Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mackned]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know
I can't let it go
Lately we'd smoke
Can't die with the dope
No, no, no, no, no, no
I started gettin' high all alone
New goth girl in my phone
GothBoiClique put me on
And you can't live like me
Little bro want to move like me
Little shorty wanna ride with me
It feel like every night I can't sleep
And you don't want to be me
And you can't stunt like me
Cash out, I went for it
Stay wet, no need, chlorine
I think I'm Horse Head with gold teeth
I Snap Wicca Phase in the city
And all my niggas from the city
We ride so dirty with the pack lit
And all she talk about is Mackned
And all you got to say is my name, baby
And I ain't never been free around this game, baby
And I don't ever call 'em back if she ain't tryna love me
New shorty, yeah I'm sorry, yeah, I know you hate me
Thraxxhouse, break a bitch about this money, yeah
She was feelin' so good in Los Angeles
In Arizona, you can find me with the baddest bitch
But they ain't shit, my game ain't shit
I don't want to see your heart breakin'
Baby, do you want to see a nigga make it?
There's more money if the trick runnin' naked

[Hook: Mackned]
Elissa Steamer, she want to skate with me
Cash out everyday, cash out everyday
Elissa Steamer, teenage guillotine
You don't want to be with me
You don't want to be with me

[Verse 2: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal]
I think I'm Mackned in the background
I'm think I'm [?] when my hair's long
Baby, smokin' up with the right phrase
I want to be there for you, baby, can you hold on?
Put the drugs in my hand, put the pill on your tongue
When I put it down on repeat
You can say I'm the one, right one
I left the piece at home, I am the one you call
And so I check my phone
Backed up by GBC
To me, my GothBoiClique
To me, my night, baby
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