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All My Ex's 10s Lyrics

Mackned – All My Ex's 10s Lyrics

All my exes tens
Walk outside my house, I’m seein' [?]
(Mackned, ooh la la)
I don’t fuck wit' you niggas, it’s like I’m [?]

All my exes tens
Walk outside my house, seein' [?]
Police on a nigga, like insects
She eat me, I know she give me dialect

[Verse: Mackned]
Hit it from the side, side effects
Skip court, Newport
What we knew about murders, we ain’t talk much
Lil nigga, I was tryna get my pars up

I want it like the golf, I get my pars up
Going way to hard, they wanna stall us
We stay movin', it’s too easy
Gettin' money everyday, feel like a repeat
And I’m pourin' out, call it a relief
Bitch we 3-D, call it too real
You don’t know the feel
Money big and we ain’t sign no deal

[Verse: Mackned]
We gettin' money like we fuckin' up a tree
I’m in and out that coochie, like a CD
My niggas watch my back like Netflix
Attachments on my weapons

Mackned, SMRTDEATH, we the freshest
And I got a gold ticket bitch for breakfast
Lookin' like some money on the necklace
They gon' talk, but they don’t know
No time for such shit, bout' a no-show
Gon' glow, they watch in slow-mo
Tryna catch every moment
Fall back, we be on our own shit

All my exes tens
Walk outside my house, seein' [?]
All my exes tens
All my exes tens, and there’s nothing you can do about it
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