Sure, I can close my eyes
It doesn’t take that much
But I can’t fall asleep
This has been going on for years now
Seems there’s no end-point envisioned
& God knows why

& God knows I’ve tried everything
Wives, girlfriends, booze & pills
Shrinks & preachers & everything
In the end nothing could calm me down
Or lull me to sleep
& God knows why

I tried every sleazy adult theatre marquee
Every neon-lit porno-video parlour
Still I could get no sleep
That’s when you saw me
Headed for some secret sidewalk romance
Or drunk in crossroads bars
Cheeks flushed with drink It was quick down the hatch
No pause to think

Yeah, I tried everything
Pedestrian petticoat upliftings, lipstick red seconals
Mescaline, things they use on racehorses
Still I could get no sleep
& That’s when they found old Marylou
& Extracted someone else’s panties from her throat
While I lay in bed & slept the sleep of kings
The night she died, died, died-deedle-died

This town wasn’t ready
For these bizarre murder sprees
Trimming local family trees

There’s nothing like that smell
To take off to the land of Nod
Breathe in, breathe out & sleep
I love their impatient lips
As they swallow the panties of last night’s prey
Along with their pride
As they die, die-deedle-die

Her screams, my lullaby
Her slip against my nostrils
Slipping into dreamland
Now they’re buried in their tomb
For the smell of their womb, so to speak
Breathe in, breathe out & sleep

& It feels so good to close my eyes
& To fall asleep
Slipping into dreamland
With a pocket full of rye
Such a sweet & gentle sleep…
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The Lullaby Lyrics

Mack Murphy & The Inmates – The Lullaby Lyrics

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