(I’Ve got) too many hands on my time
Not enough time on my hands
Between the boss and the government
And bills that are due
(I’M like bacon in A frying pan, man)
(I’M like A sardine packed in A can, stan)
(It’S always hitting the fan)

My woman, she left, ‘Cause I couldn’T go out
Out on the town even once
Working three jobs, my life’S been robbed
Ain’T an extra second for fun, son

Repeat chorus

I guess I’Ll go on living like this
I don’T have the know-How to stop
Every time I start dreaming A dream, something else
Happens and the bubble just pops, pop

Instrumental break

If I could, I would pack up and just leave this town
Stick out my thumb and be gone
Take my guitar and just follow the wind
Live on A prayer and A song... Bong

Repeat chorus
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Too Many Hands On My Time Lyrics

Mack Meadows – Too Many Hands On My Time Lyrics