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Stoner Lyrics

Machine Gun Fellatio – Stoner Lyrics

She should call me,
I should phone her,
But I'm too shaky,
And she's a stoner.
I'm so friendly,
She's a loner,
I'm on eccy,
She's a stoner.
I haven't got it.
I haven't got it.
I never lost it,
I never had it.
(I'm takin' you to hell)
She likes tv,
Her name's Mona,
I get frisky,
But she's a stoner.
She gets hungry,
Calls me over,
"bring me sweet things,"
She's a stoner.
Spanish family,
She's my gypsy,
She's a stoner.
He looks shifty,
Drinks corona,
Sells her fifty,
She's a stoner.
She's your mystery organ doner,
You get her kidney, you're a stoner.
Sing it with me,
Sing it slower,
Are you ready?
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