I don't know her but she actin like she know me
Oooh,.She musta heard bout the way that I be
I pulled her body to me slowly
Yeah, She whispered to me are you ready for me?

Don't even ask for me
I'll spend this cash probably
If you could loose it we could lose it on the floor.
So whatcha got for me
Cause we could both be
In the kitchen there just,... but first I gotta see ya


Ooh,.I know I only met her yesterday
But I wouldn't leave her even if you paid me
She got somewhere she try to slip away.
Oh Baby, I grabbed her waist and told her don't be Crazy
U run da show baby

Cuz we could both be
In the shower after hours
I just gotta see ya sweat

But yuh sweat on me...

Make yuh sweat
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Sweat Lyrics

Machel Montano – Sweat Lyrics