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Pittsburgh Kidz Get The Biz Lyrics

Mac Miller – Pittsburgh Kidz Get The Biz Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Last name stoner, first name I'ma
Ain't nobody higher, sippin' on some Aunt Jemima
Champagne, campaign, bubbly for the hoes
So, fill up ya glass everybody make a toast
It's a new day, fresh start like it's toothpaste
Take ya' head off you a toupee, I'm servin' bars like a soufflé
Rappers like to hate cause I'm chillin' and I'm gettin' all my tunes played
I do me though, kick a Ronaldinho
Mean flow, wear jeans low, see my cheeks ho
Long journey to the top of a ski slope
I keep away from all these haters and these mean hoes
She rock a pea coat to cover up them cheap clothes
Never knew that they would bite her in the ass
Late start, and I need to catch a flight so where the cab?
If I miss my plane Benji gonna come and kick my ass
This and that, snapbacks from a fitted cap
Baggy clothes, ratty hoes gettin' rid of that
I'm so on point, you could play me out
DJ, gone and put it out
You like to party? well, I like to work
It's paper over pussy cause the money like to flirt
And I'm bout' it, bout' it, handin' checks to my accountant
On my official shit, no not on my whistle shit
A day-job to me is like a book to those illiterate
I'ma kid, but you the one who throwin' hissy fits
You the one that never seem to feel me spittin'
Now I'm limited edition and you pussy like a clitoris
Most Dope syndicate, my people stayin' together
Through the rain, sleet, snow any weather it's whatever
I thought I told you that "we won't stop"
Got the crowd standin' up like they seat so hot
Got em' like "Yo Mac, when the beat gone drop?"
Hear, now pay attention cause' believe it's not
So I can preheat the . .? to eat up clock
D-J-B, double O-T-H dot

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