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Party In The USA (remix) Lyrics

Mac Miller – Party In The USA (remix) Lyrics

I couldn't help it
I love this song

(verse 1)
Uh, look I got a sack and a pack of cigarillos
Ready to crack it put some hash up in the middle
Blow, gone lights out, like padiddle, rhymes like busta, jazzy like fizzle
Mac mizzle your girl probably heard of me
My spit game real tight like a virgin be
Currency keep my paper running like a gerbil feet
Sprinting on the wheel untill its hurts to breath
And girl me and you is like the birds and bees
When the weed stay burning to the 3rd degree
Im high, fly, gotch your girl smitten
She keeps comin back call her badminton
Pulling petals off your flowers
You can get shagged like Austin powers

So I pick my heel up this is that bomb and im tryin get high today
Hittin on weed like
Blowing out the smoke like
Yea I pick my ehle up this is that bomb and im tryin get high today
Hittin my weed like
Boy I got a bunch of haze

(verse 2)
No I ain't going to stop, not an hour
I see the games filled with lots of cowards
So im here to coach like thomlin cowher
24 hours call jack bauers
Status mac is way above the average
And im Jewish like Lenny kravitz
So original gotta get a patent
Party in the usa getting blasted
Switch it up feeling good filling up
Getting drunk sipping suds untill im sick as fuck
But I ain't slipping up flow to perfect
Use to be a little thief going though purses
But now im business
Blowing off my 3rd splif
Do it like a furnace and burn this

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