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Friday Night Lights Lyrics

Mac Miller – Friday Night Lights Lyrics

[Intro: Darrelle Revis]
Yo, this your boy Mr. Manhattan. I'mma just keep it like that

[Hook: Mac Miller]
Now the cameras flashing, all eyes on me
Yeah, now we getting paid so you know we feeling great
At the club motherfucker all drinks are free
The light so bright, I'm feeling so nice
Girl, we can get right, but just for the night
It feel great to be fly like me, I bet you wish that you was fly like me

[Verse 1: Darrelle Revis]
I got this crazy kinda feeling, Mac
I'm in the Burg and the spotlight's on my back
No pressure on my back, I am high, swag on full attack
Remember back in the days, house party kid and play, that's how we played
You know we got chicks, that's what they laid
Come on girl, you can't stay?
Cause it's Friday night, no job and I'm looking right
I'mma hit the club, shawty on my neck, back, wrist for what?
It's this groupie love, if it is that's what's up
If it ain't, that's what's up, I'm chilling on my grind, pour it up


[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
I'm blowing money from saving every penny
Now we getting drunk, no chasing with the Henny
The women at the party go nuts when we roll up
Dirty broads on the stage like so what
They don't give a fuck, they try to live it up
She look a little bored, pour some liquor in her cup
I dress like money, ain't none of this free, bitch
Young boy got these hoes covered like Revis
Rolling stone, satisfaction
Cop a couple bottles, spend a night in Manhattan
Tell the bartender, all drinks on me
Rolling in the club with a fake ID


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