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Bruce Wayne Lyrics

Mac Miller – Bruce Wayne Lyrics

I tell her, baby don't be scared
Yeah baby don't be scared
Now lil' mama don't be scared
Listen shorty don't be scared
Tell her baby, don't be scared
Lil mama don't be scared, don't be scared

(Verse 1)
Hey, I tell her baby don't be scared the sign saying beware
My room stay smokey, go outside for some clean air
All around the globe I see these bitches at my shows
Who invite me to their crib sayin' they twistin' up a O
Bunch of haters on the internet
Trust me I ain't finished yet, I'ma take care of all of yall like a gigapet
People say I'm dead, I tell em that they just ain't livin' yet
Excess weed, alcohol, hoes, and cigarettes, hockey player money now I'm gettin' checks
Dream come true, I get my cake and eat it too
Spending all this money like fuck it
The jew who never budget
It's just the happy side that you are not in touch with
They knew I spit didn't listen to me though
Thats exactly why they called and I ain't pickin up the phone
My pops wanna retire he can't back out
I'ma make a million dollars take his ass out

I guess its all for the money, power and success
Living life to the fullest on pursuit to happiness
Yes, you wanna hate it be my guest but you can't fuck with me when I'm at my best
They keep asking me why, asking me why, asking me why
Is this you? ya it's me you should know that it's nothing new
I just tell em that it's what I do, ya it's what i do

(Verse 2)
Im always smoking in a non smoking room, we be soaking up the fumes
Doing the opposite of everything that they hoped I'd do
I was local for a few 'till they noticed I'm the truth
Now they loaded up to shoot I'm in the open for your view
Not duckin' and dive, tell em fuck it I'm walkin'
And if they come with a problem I'ma smile tell em go ahead
You got no bread, worry what your ho said
Think about the dream that you chasing don't lose focus
Progress no stress, whatever happen, happen
I'm laughin' when we passin' cause my raps are bringing cash in
I got a job, a career, I'm the talk of the year
Look at myself in the fight of the mirror
Im hot and you not, you don't got what I brought
To the table, to the fans you just basic cable
Make this money blow it all away, thats what the fuck I call a day


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