Yo you know the drill time to take
A chill.
Let me catch your dreams,
I can make them come true,
You don't have to dream no more
Just me and you.
Stop daydreaming make your
Fantasies come to life,
Smell the rose,
Sweet sent
Me and you we like a stain no
Enzyme can whipe us off
I can be your director you can
Play any character
Turn your life upside down put
You in a crator and make it seem
Then we can live happily ever
It drive me crazy your sweet
Natural laughter
Call a doctor and tell him I am
Having a seizure, cause it don't
Matter if she got c-cups[fade]
Yo, uhh, try and alternate, me and
You try and collaborate like the
Heavens and sky
Had it cutting out my head like a
Real sharp blade
It ant a phobia of leaving actually
Something over
I am like a merchant sold my heart
To the devil now they no refund
Feel like when I ant near you, I am
Having an asmatic attack
Swore to God that I would never
Hurt you but you forced me now I
Hate you
How can you say something so
Cold, damn, I made you.
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Dream Catcher Lyrics

Lyrical Assasin – Dream Catcher Lyrics

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