(allen collins -- ronnie vanzant)

You got to love ol' charlie daniels
You got to cut the rug with wet willie too
And you got to be a fan of the marshall tucker band
Before I'll sit down and have a drink with you
Yes, bakersfield has got ol' merle haggard
He's a bad, bad boy, yes indeed
Nashville's got a million and one guitar pickers
But I guess my favorite would be the cdb

Yes there's a few good rockers in new york city
Guess the big la, it never cared for me
So won't you tell all them hollywierd writer people
That it just don't make a damn
When you got good friends like me

Never dick on good ol' waylon jennings
Or willie nelson, bob wills or me
Well they're playin' that good ol' country-western
You know this thing they call the texas swing

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When You Got Good Friends Lyrics

Lynyrd Skynyrd – When You Got Good Friends Lyrics

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