Distinguish harm from moral motivation
Restrain the haughty faults in humanized ease
Pretend to be of mental integrity
A solid limit for infatuation

As demanded by the wellknown force of innocent caprice
One will exert for futile scopes among duties
Annihilated to continuing decrease
A solid limit for exaggeration

(Enchain this innovation unto perpetual fall
Upon this point by sleight and verve enroll in elation)
Enforce retired patience unglue from compelled grace
Undone the outworn effort to endorse this reasoning
Enlighten explanations unsolved replies accused
Unconquered recognition is entirely to achieve
Engrain more understanding unless mental decay
Unusual acquisitions entrain convenient manners to obsess

Fallen values crumbling nihilistic in their way
Compared to well considered ones agreed in placid lay
In seminal deductions lies disposal of decease
And death loses his dreadfulness in utter satisfaction's peace

Assumptions made consistently about living to reave
And causes of another inspiration seized
Instead of vain endeavor for attempts decease
A solid limit for invalidation

Quiet the mind for total revelation
Unleash the mortal gaze afflicted with peace
Reduce desires to reach alterity
A solid limit for interpretation

Rended asudden the origination
Of living in thrilling imagination
Abstain from this can't and enjoy life in rest
Importance was never to be a request
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Obsession In A Convenient Manner Lyrics

Lyfthrasyr – Obsession In A Convenient Manner Lyrics