I've got to say this one time so she feels it. If she
Runs back up that coast then I guess I'll believe it.
So run, spit those words with your tongue. Shout
Them back at the sun. I know you too well for this
Shit. On my way home, still wishing I was inside your bedroom.
Talking shit for the hell of it. All of
The best nights, so hurry up. God damn this just
Feels right. It kind of feels like it was never the
Same like we claimed it. If you've got to go then
Go, I couldn't change it. I never would have wished
For this girl to be out of my world. It's one mistake
I would never change. I want it all now I want it my
Way. She knows how I work, how I run, my insides.
I will second guess everything about me. You're the
Only one that could see how fucking crazy I was
Starting to be. Pull me right back down lady.
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Best Nights Lyrics

Lydia – Best Nights Lyrics