[verse 1]
Live in my head for just one fucking day.
I look in my mirror and just turn away.
The road to my hope is now starting to fade.
So I'll disappear and,I'll disappear from this whole fucking world...

Nightmares that i face wont go away.
I lost so much of myself along the way.
Flashbacks that I never thought would stay.
I'll suffocate the problems away!...

[verse 2]
I wish that i can disappear tonight.
Escape my skin so I can exit this life.
So I can be that no-one again.
And I'll never let nobody,and let nobody,and i mean let nobody in!!!!

Memories I've enjoyed,are fading away!
I've lost so much of myself along the way!!
All the friends I loved are dying away!
They're all suffocating away...

[verse 3]
So now my walls are caving in.
(My walls are caving in.).
In this life I'll drown or swim.
(In life I'll drown or swim).
Many nights I have cried and prayed.
I Feel like a nobody that,a nobody that,a nobody that can't ever be saved!!!!

Faces that i seen,are starting to fade.
Clear skies are turning dark and grey.
Have i lost all my faith along the way?
I'll survive if i push them all away!!!
I'll suffocate them away...
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Sufffocate The Problem Lyrics

Lycidas Blackhart – Sufffocate The Problem Lyrics