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Thot Lyrics

Luxury Prince – Thot Lyrics

Verse 1
How da fuck you claimin' that chu love me?
When you still fuckin' round witcha old dude
You say he old news and that he stalk you but bitch - you be hitting like on all that nigga shit too!
Can't believe that I was a damn fool - to even think you were different from the rest ooo- now you got me all up in my feelings like - that bitch probably with another nigga every night -
Party hoppin' she be at the bar turnt up - I know you wonder why I'm on this track turnt up - cause I fell for a bussa that was burnt up - tried to cuff me up to cover up - that she a slut -
Damn - now I'm looking through her Facebook - niggas tryin' to see - how that face look - and she going for it - she say she gotta man - but she don't give a fuck - she be like what's the plan

Verse 2
The plan is - imma pick you up at ten
And if i get chu a blunt
Can you fuck me and my mans?
She was like cool just make sure bring a bottle of gin
Cause I can't do that type of shit - If I'm not intoxicated
Man she a thottie- she fucking everybody - she be at every party
Probably fucking in the potty
Man she a liar - she claiming that she love me - but got another nigga name in her phone hubby
I shoulda seen it coming - but shit was so sweet - she knew how to cook plus her ass was a freak- I couldn't let her go so I tried to cuff her - but you know what they say you can never wife a slut (Ooooo)(Never)!
She say she wanted to start fresh - and that was cool - lets leave the past in the past - who am I to judge you - then she started giving me trust issues
That's the type of shit - that I'm not into - she say that she cheated on her last dude - did I mention that his name tattooed?

Verse 3

Can't believe that a nigga was a fool - everybody talkin' shoulda listened to the clues - half naked pics yeah she post them up too say she just want some views but she do it to amuse - dude's hittin' like all up in her inbox - she say them dudes thirsty and it's fun for her to watch - but when I'm not around she reply to em all - getting dick pics when they grippin' they balls - entertaining dudes what the fuck is up - she call every nigga boo that's really fucked up - plus she like girls and she goin' for em to - anit no tellin' what this crazy bitch gone do - I gave her my time I can't get it back
I tried to fall in love - but I fell straight back - I think it's time that I just face that fact - that these hoes anit loyal now I know and see that

Verse 4
I see that - I see that
She claim that she love me but I don't believe that
Guilty conscience is what she got when I talk to a chick she be like what was that? What the fuck you mean - is you fucking her? We just went to school anit no way I'm touching her - why you so jealous when you still talk to dude claim that's your ride or die but he used to be your boo? Got me fucked up - I swear you got me bent- Instagram straight poppin' liking all that nigga pics - what the fuck you mean that chu worried bout me - when you the one still on another nigga D - talkin' bout me - yeah we going through some thangs and he stopped fucking me yeah i swear this nigga lame - you know if that was me I'll do yo ass right - but chu cute by the way shawty do you got a Skype?

Verse 5

Yeah I gotta Skype - so go and add me - plus my dude at work so he can't be mad at me don't chu got a girl boo? Well that bitch anit me - we can keep it on the low - it can be just you and me - I can't trust these bitches all they do is fucking lie - when you put them on blast all they do is sit & cry - I anit got no time for yo damn broke time - can't believe I let a bitch slow up my grind - I gotta keep it moving tho - can't be stressing over all these fucking stupid hoes - can't be trying to figure out what they doing tho - cause if she bussin' she gone do it on the fucking low - you already know

She said - I never meant to hurt chu I know it really doesn't matter what I say but i just want you to know nobody has ever made me feel this way
I never felt so strongly about someone like the way I feel about chu
Well bitch fuck- you cause me and you are through
Bitch- bitchhhhhh- bitttttchhh bitch
Lying ass bitch man
Fuck outta here!
Fuck outta here!
Lets go
I don't trust these bitches
I can't trust these bitches
I don't trust these bitches
I can't cuff these bitches
They just want some - some attention
Fuck these bitches
Fuck these bitches oooo

I'm single tho - ayeeee
Bitch I'm single tho - ayeee
I said I'm single tho - aye - aye
Cause I can't cuff no hoe
Gotta letchu go - baby girl I'm single tho yeah -
I'm single oooo
Baby i'm single
It's time to mingle
You know I'm single
Bitch you a hoe - ayeee
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