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September 3rd Lyrics

Lute – September 3rd Lyrics

[Verse: Lute]
Pop bottles, pour liquor to the grave
Shit I do this for my aunt that couldn't live to see the day
And my niggas got kids on the way, so I do this for my niggas and my kids someday
Shit, so pray to god that I'm their father
When im seeing these hoes they looking good for future daughters
Will the dog pave the road paint the road and get her caught up
Thats why I find it better, its better then I taught her
A nigga ain't shit so when that sectional is brought up
She can easily tell a nigga that ain't the way the she was brought up
Daddy teach you better cause my daddy taught me nada
Shit, not a damn thing
So when these devils out here lurking, who gon' save my soul mayne
Money hungry for these dollars cause myself I got to gain
Past bitches swear they love me, they just say that shit in vain
My bad bitch my one and only picture perfect check her frame
Shit, so what the fuck I need a maid for
These bitches in my city probably fucked my whole circle
Shit, I work hard to obtain bro
Fuck you mean you hardly scratching the surface
Live fast, die hard, try hard at your purpose
Cause, in the end we all lay where the earth is
Do anything you mention as your mission to be urgent
Skys the limit bro make every minute worth it
And my auntie yelling preach, how many secrets in these churches
So who are we to trust, there ain't no jobs for us
So education is a must but then what happened to these teachers being teach teaching my niece
All the wrong things, so I pray to black jesus
Never lost faith restored the faith into my people
And wether a straight or gay, god made us all equal
White, black or brown we got all the same features, so I pray to black Jesus
I think the world need me and this just might be my reason
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