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Letter 2 Lyrics

Lute – Letter 2 Lyrics

[Hook: Lute]
This a letter to what could've been my lady, wife, and my best friend
Say if you love it, let it go in the wind
And if it comes back, then maybe it was meant to be
I guess I got a way to see
I'm sincere so I sign this sincerely
Oh yes, P.S., don't even write back
Carol, I'm returning yours so give me my heart back

[Verse 1: Lute]
It's true girl, I never leave you lonely
Never thought it would be you girl if God himself had told me
Because I swear I pray for you girl way before you know me
Went through hell trying to find my one and only
Went through ex-girls, they best friends
They girls who did my homies
Fool me once, never twice girl show me
Well love is life for the moment
If you like, take it slowly
But I will take a whole leap of faith
Just to see your face in the morning
That pretty face when you yawning
Beautiful, checking her facade
You'd be a fool to say this world don't have a God
You the realest girl, and these other bitches (?)
So why don't you hop your pretty ass in my car?
Let's leave this club, fuck them scrubs at the bar
Tipping on four fours she parked it on my heart

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: 9Mil]
Had ambitions to get it when Pac said he would ride or
And I cried for the day Biggie died for
Told her just for that I promised to stay alive for
And keep it true while the other niggas lie for her
She fell for 'em like she didn't seem me right here
How my dream girl turn into my worst nightmare?
Wanted to be a star when she gazed in the night air
Then she materialized, fell in love with Nike airs
So I copped every pair, talked about her everywhere
Her headphones blasting, guessing she ain't never hear
Act like I never cared, though I still tried
And they say real eyes realize real lies
She must be wearing contacts, saying we would keep in touch
How we lose contacts, scrolling through my contacts
Sade soldier of love was a ringback
Now I just want my heart and that fucking ring back

[Hook x2]
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