It is always a heart warming to bear in mind that I've got someone who make me feel so special. Thank you Lord for giving me such a special guest of my soul who redefines my image in the doctrine of true love.

Verse 1:

From that sunny day of our first sight I could smell your love.
I could feel your love.
I could focus your love.
As I set my eyes right on your face I could see your willingness to give me your tenderness.
I could not wait to feel you sweetness.
You looked at me right in my eyes.
You smilled at me with a cheerful smile...


That way you rock my world, rock my world.
Sweetheart you rock my world, rock my world.
Keep on rocking my world, rock my world.
Hold on rocking my world, rock my world.

Verse 2:

I like love like this.
Your love give me peace.
When I think am nusty you give confidance.
When I think am bad you tell me am the best.
You are so faithful, the guest of my soul.
You are a bright star that make me shine.
You are a shooting star that make me feel fine.
Whenever I do cry you wipe my tears...

Repeat chorus.

Verse 3:

When you touch me babe, I feel the static, its so romantic.
When lean on me you move me up.
When you lean on me you turn me on.
You take me to new heights of happines ecstasy.
Don't listen haters, give them a deaf ear.
If they say we are crazy its ok we are crazy to amaze that's how we blaze it..

Repeat Chorus.


Let the feeling flow in your mind.
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Rock My World Lyrics

Luscious Reigns – Rock My World Lyrics

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