Album on hold whole world on hold
The crowd is like whoa operator like hold (please hold)
Man, now ain't that cold
I'm just tryina talk to my homie
That's something to hold
And home girl not tryina be a ho
Even though she on the pole
Can she get a second chance? No!
Whoa, like the opposite of go
That ain't how it supposed to be, a butterfly
But for the sake of rhyming lets just say butterfly he
The truth stings like Muhammed Ali
I tell em tell em don't homicide me
I'm just a little low hope wit his back against the ropes
Fighting for his fans and fighting for his folks
But the boos from the crowd can become so loud
If I can block em out then I can knock em out
And dance around the ring but until then I'll sing

Imma keep it cool and imma do me
It is what it is and that's how it's gonna be
Until I get there, Until I get there
Yeah I got flaws
I know I'm not perfect
But all the ups and downs will soon be worth it
When I get there, When I get there (Ohhohh)
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Till I Get There Lyrics

Lupe Fiasco – Till I Get There Lyrics

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