(Radio*personality talking) Really*

hasn't been brought up too clearly The.
Luniz an Too $hort everything has been squashed (Too.

*$hort talking) Yeah*

we want everybody to know that, it's you, know the, Oak-Town ain't About
this (Yukmouth.

*talking) The*

media hypes up things when they're wrong but, doesn't give enough Praise
when everything is going good (Too.

*$hort talking) We*

should juss do a cut don't, even mention no beef or nothing juss, Drop
it on 'em (Numskull.

*talking) You*

know it's politics that, made it sound like that But. it's all Unified
you see it's all Jesus (Too.

*$hort) BEEATCH*


*$hort talking) Man*

what's it all about Ain't? about shit Nigga. call me up talking About
man, it's on Your. niggaz fucking wit my niggaz an it's on Nigga. What
we fronting for If? it ain't about this money ain't, about this Life
an death nigga shit, what's, really going on Verse?

1 (Too *$hort) Jumped*

all in a niggaz face front him on tha spot Don't,
cross the game unless, ya wanna get shot But,
who made the rules do you recall Who's?,
the judge when it comes to this street law Is?,
it me You?,
is it my crew My?,
niggaz get down yo, niggaz do too Mutha,
fuckaz try to tell me don't fuck my life 'cause,
ain't nuthin nice Ya,
gotta pay the price Ya,
know them dudes Walkin,
in them same shoes It's,
brand new to you But,
the game is used I,
got it from them old niggaz They,
so cool Now,
we juss roll through All,
the hoes know who Ball,
in yo town Don't,
front it's, too little 'cause,
fake ass niggaz get punked fo your riddles So,
what's it all about Think,
about it later To,
all you real gangstaz An,
all you perpitrators Chorus.

(Harm) *x2* You've

me funkin (funkin),Over
nuthin man (funkin,man) Why
ya wanna funk wit me (Speak??

on it boy )!Verse

2 (Yukmouth) *Uh*

you step in some shit you can't get out of Niggaz,
who talk hella shit Is,
who I'm quick to sock the shit out of Sniff,
powder wit, all yo hoes off my door Got,
em froze like pocino Ya,
spendin all yo doe On,
the average ass Stanky,
ass Run,
a gank ass fuck, everybody fast Juss,
an Oakland ass hoe Now,
I know why niggaz wanna knock you out like glass Joe All,
that playa hatin shit ain't, asked fo You,
must got problems wit niggaz makin they cash flow You,
baffled You,
mutha fuckin youngstaz So,
go wit your old ass flow I,
gots ta have jaw-jacked hoe 'cause,
some of niggaz wonder Why,
us playaz do this I'm,
under Caught,
up in some shit I didn't have nuthin to do wit The,
truth is You,
know my funk is through Fuckin,
ride fo a nigga If,
that nigga ain't gonna do shit Ya,
wanna be ass pimp Gettin,
yo ass whipped is like an every year event BITCH.
it Chorus.

(x2) *Verse*

3 (Numskull) *I'm*

too mutha fuckin much fo myself So,
funkin wit niggaz close to home is sumpthin else If,
you ain't gonna blow a nigga head off Then,
that's the end of it Concentrate,
on makin mill an start spendin Now,
this is where my do it for myself begins 'cause,
in '97 I,
ain't makin no new mutha fuckin friends Now,
I got no enemies I,
hold no grudges From,
now on I'm overseein my own budget (fo,
real )!!We
all did our dirt nigga But,
now that's all forgivin Chris,
you my nigga til the ending An,
started wit Dru I,
started wit Smoke-A-Lot Hangin,
wit me so, I gives a fuck Nummy-Num,
gonna go ahead an drink his self to death Nigga,
you wanna chop it up wit me Go,
through death yoself I,
ain't tryin to hear nuthin Stead,
of throwin away skrillion Nigga,
rather be fuckin Uh.

(x2) *Verse*

4 (Too *$hort) I*

signed my name on the dotted line Niggaz,
know I did it first An,
when you first You,
know you get it worse I,
suck the game up I,
try to pass it on Niggaz,
from the Bay Gettin,
they cash on From,
Frisco To,
Vallejo To,
the Big "O" Fuck,
that yeh-yo Hundred,
thousand units Make,
a nigga half a million dollaz If,
you sittin on a grip I,
have to holla at yo later You,
can get rich in a minute Two,
words Distribution,
an accapella you can hear every word I,
spit this game you never ever heard You,
know how you be quick to pop niggaz These,
record companies be quick to rob niggaz I,
say "$hort Dogg" An,
now they pay me Don't,
pay these youngstaz An,
watch 'em get crazy Chorus.

(til *end) (Too*

*$hort talking during chorus) Fuck*

around an run up in yo shit Yeah. That's. the new thing goin baby We,
runnin up in record companies writin our own mutha fuckin checks Sign.
on the dotted line nigga What. ya really gettin What's? really goin On
Watch? out Niggaz. in the town bout, to unite we, goin nationwide Oakland.
style BITCH, Oh! you really thought that wasn't gonna happen Shit?
Come. on now
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Funkin Over Nuthin Lyrics

Luniz – Funkin Over Nuthin Lyrics